Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Top reasons why a person is more likely to respond to pick up lines

People use pick up lines for different reasons. There are those who use these lines to entice a girl or a boy and there are those who use them in order to start a conversation and possibly form a friendship from the conversion. People have different pick up lines and some actually use dirty pick up lines to build an attractive chemistry with either a girl or a boy. One thing with pick up lines is that they can be quite corny. Pick up lines are basically relationship instauration strategies or opening gambits. While most people have used pick up lines to stir up conversations, the truth is that a person’s ego-depletion can determine whether or not the person will be open to the pick up lines.

Ego-depletion, in most cases, occurs when a person is very tired of exercising self-discipline or control. When a person is depleted, it can be quite a challenge for the person to make informed decisions. When using pick up lines for girls to an ego-depleted girl, the girl will be more open to the unobjectionable pick up lines. However, chances are good that if you use artful pick up lines, the girl will be less open to those lines. A person is actually more likely to respond to a dirty pick up line than to a cute or artful pick up line. Moreover, a person is more likely to respond to straightforward pickup lines than to indirect pick up lines.

The biggest difference when it comes to using sexual pick up lines or any types of pickup lines is that it depends on the person whom the pick up line is told. For example, a man will be more open to any types of pickup lines than a woman will. Moreover, there are certain pick up lines that do not go well with certain women but go well with others. In essence, a person’s ego-depletion will actually accentuate the person’s response to the pickup lines. Another difference is that women are more open to innocuous and direct pick up lines than most men are. On the other hand, men are more open to cute or sexual pick up lines than most women are.

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It is therefore crux to understand that before using dirty pick up lines on either a man or a woman, you may first want to ensure that the man or woman is not depleted. It may be difficult to know whether a person is ego-depleted or not. This makes it important to determine the best or universal pick up lines to use. Also, understand that universal pick up lines such as “Hey, you really look familiar” may not go well or be effective with others.

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