Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Watchop - the best website to watch one piece dubbed versions

Have you recently been to japan? Did you notice the craze to watch one piece and collect the stuff related to it, among the children and adults of japan? You might be thinking what one piece is. Well the article will answer all your questions.

One piece is one of the Japanese manga series .the series started in 1997 and has been made into seven volumes until date. The series is about the adventures of a man whose body has acquired the properties of rubber when he ate a devil fruit. The story revolves around him and his pirates who explore the ocean looking for the treasure called ‘one piece’. This search is carried out in quest of becoming the next king of pirates. Watchop is counted among the few sites that allow you to watch one piece online.

The popularity of one piece is not just limited to japan, there are many fans who love to watch every episode of the series .this is one of the major reasons why the demand for one piece subbed  as well as one piece dubbed has increased so much .

The craze or one piece fever on people of japan is beyond words. Wherever you go, you can find the little souvenirs of one piece characters. Be it chopper key rings being sold at gift shops or the marine ford playing cards sold everywhere. The availability of one piece online has increased its popularity among the international viewers as well.

Watchop is one of the sites that allow one piece Japanese and non-Japanese fans to get entertained by tis adventurous series. The site has original as well as the one piece subbed and one piece dubbed versions available .the subbed versions allow international fans to enjoy the original series by reading the subtitles ,while one piece dubbed versions are available in many languages, for you to enjoy  the series without the need of reading every subtitle!

The anime series of one piece dubbed was first dubbed in   the English language by ode that aired around 104 episodes of the series in Singapore. In the year, 2004 4kids entertainment got the distribution license of one piece in north America. This version of one piece was dubbed and heavily edited before its release in the united states to suit the children 4 kids entertainment was targeting. After the premiere of the series on the fox network, the one piece was available to watch on channels like the cartoon network and Toonami.

In the year 2007 Funimation made another attempt of releasing 13 episodes of one piece dubbed in English, but this version was quite unedited to that released by 4kids entertainment. This provided a breakthrough to the one piece subbed and dubbed versions and gradually it became gained more popularity across the world

Today you can watch one piece online on watchop that allows you good quality download of the episodes of your favourite series.

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