Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Glitter Bomb Prank – Consider These Aspects Before Pranks Are Pulled Out

You are just ready to play glitter bomb prank on somebody and have set everything up perfectly. All you have to do now is to perform it and allow everybody to appreciate you with applause for bringing in all the humor. But wait, have you thought things may get out of control once you have played that prank?

The glitter bomb or any other pranks are actually the alternative of telling jokes, so they’re also said as practical jokes. Just like distasteful jokes may hurt the feelings of somebody, a dangerous or bad prank may lead to losing your friend or even some bodily injury. Sometimes, people don’t consider different possibilities that may result after glitter bomb joke or any other prank is played and it may lead to some serious consequences. Well, here are few things that you should be taking into account to avoid any unlikely events.

First, you should think that if the person you’re going to prank has fragile ego. People who have overinflated, fragile egos usually take the pranks in a bad way. You can say that as soon as you play any prank with them, you may end up losing the friendship with them. If you think your relationship is more vulnerable than it is better not to prank somebody like that.

Another thing to consider is that if there is any possibility of harming the victim. The pranks like buttered floor may lead the person to fall down and can be dangerous. However, glitter bomb pranks may not be that dangerous on the other hand but still there is some sort of care that should be taken by you in this regard.

It is also possible for the victim to have allergies that one may not be aware of and it is important that you determine if the prank you’re going to play will be safe for them or not. After all, it’s a joke and it should not be meant to hurt somebody.

More importantly, you should think if whatever you’re going to do will be considered as bullying or not. Of course, nobody feels nice about being bullied, especially from people who you think are your friends. Therefore, you shouldn’t bully somebody at all with your prank. If the person you are targeting isn’t retaliating in the prank war against you then you should better pick somebody else.
If you are planning to play a glitter bomb prank and have gone through above list without any problems that may be attached to your prank then you’ve certainly found something good for you. Pull out the prank and you’re really going to enjoy it with your buddies. So, go on with your glitter bomb joke!

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