Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The different kinds and variations of Cotton yarn

If you look around at the world and try to figure out what is the most important item in life that has probably the most crucial role to play in the 21st century life you would come to the conclusion that it may be yarn! As fickle as it may sound but pay attention, look closely; don’t you see that more than half the glamour of 21st century is associated with items that are made from yarn basically. If you still don’t see it then consider clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, curtains, carpets, bed sheets, furniture coverings, tapestries, blankets and what not! This list is definitely not exhaustive! The fact that yarn plays such an important role in our lives is also apparent from the diverse types of yarn that is available in the market. The demand for the product and the desire in the market for variations has led to the ingenious production of multiple types of yarn. The classic is Cotton yarn, which is used mostly as the basic items in which other synthetic types are mixed to produce novelty and beauty!

While the Cotton yarn is matchless in perfection and comfort the new melange is also very famous because of the beauty of the hues that seem so natural and so interesting. The Melange Yarn is basically a mixture of more than one thread that is weaved together so that the end product gives natural shaded within a thread! This perfection is not easy to achieve, the textile industry has to contact only the best, and the most experienced producers to get their hands at this perfection in yarn! Yet another miracle in yarn is Neppy yarn. It is a classic example of how an imperfection may bear peculiar beauty within its very imperfection!

Among the many kinds of Fancy Yarn, we have siro spun yarn too. The Siro Yarn is a combination of two distinct yarn threads that are woven together through a special siro technique so that the end product is hairless and perfectly smooth. Many artificial mixtures created by the textile industry are highly useful and perfectly user friendly and Siro Yarn is one such mixture! There are many variations within the yarn that after having been spun may seem the same to an ordinary people but it far from the truth. The yarn production requires great effort and immense experience so that quality product may reach the textile producers. After all textile industry is heavily dependent upon the goodness of the yarn that it receives as its raw material! The better the yarn, the prettier the fabric! The best textiles industries around the world use the yarn produced in the third world countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where the required experience mixed with the diligence of the people to produce the best results in complete perfection in yarn!

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