Friday, 19 February 2016

How to rekindle your ex’s love for you

The most important step on How to get your ex back is to try and rekindle his/her love for you. Come to think of it: your former partner accepted you in the first place because the person felt a certain level of attraction to you. When you spent more time together, the more the person’s feelings for your grew and yours for them. Then all of a sudden things went wrong and you ended the relationship. Your ex may tell you that the reason why the relationship ended is because the person does not feel the same as before or the person may vanish to a distance and refuse to reply your texts or call you.

Even though the initial fire seems to be out, you should guarantee yourself that there are still some embers that are glowing in your ex’s mind. It is therefore your business to fan the embers into sparks and ignite flames for a second time. If you are very serious on How to get your ex back, you will at one point want to discuss with the person what really went wrong and why the relationship ended. However, make sure that you do not have this conversation too soon. This is because after undergoing an emotional break up, it is important for both of you to take some time and sort through your issues and thoughts. This will enable both of you understand what went wrong in the relationship.

Note that the best way on How to get your ex back and rekindle his/her love for you is to make sure that you both avoid discussing about the break-up when you meet for the first time. Rather, allow your ex to see you as a happy and confident person or the person your ex initially fell in love with. Once this is evident to your ex, the person will want more of those meetings.  

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