Monday, 22 February 2016

Why not all websites for license plate lookups are legitimate

There are many websites today that promise users unlimited license plate lookup. These websites claim to deliver these results immediately, either for a subscription fee to their databases or low access fee. It is very important to be careful with such websites for various reasons. Most of these websites actually enable users to get records of discarded license plates. These are license plates that have been rendered obsolete by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Despite what has been advertised and what you have been told, it is against the DMV regulations to sell new registration records to private or public databases. This is generally protected information and it is only available to private investigators licensed by the state and the law enforcements. However, these parties must demonstrate the need for this information before the information can be made available to them.

Despite this, there are also many websites that have been offering reverse license plate search and lookups for free. You should be careful with such websites because most of these are luring in people with false advertisement. What happens in this case is that immediately you enter the plate number you want to search, you will get the information you are looking for at a small fee. The fee could either be a one-time fee or a subscription fee for one or more months to access the information. Another problem is that even though these websites will have records of all license numbers you have searched for; the licenses will not be for current vehicle or current car owner. This is because the information is generally protected.

It is recommended that when looking for a website to do a license plate lookup, only go for legitimate websites. The website should provide you with the most accurate and updated license information. This information should be about the vehicle and the owner of the license plate. The website should also make it easier for you to use a VIN number because this will give you all the details you want, including names of currently registered license plate owners, their addresses and the model, year and make of the vehicle. Understand that results for this lookup can take some time and it is best to look for a website that can return the results within 24 hours.

The website should not have hidden subscriptions and even if you will be required to pay a small amount, this should be a one-time fee for doing unlimited license plate lookup. It is not ideal to pay subscription fees for these services. Paying for subscription fees equals extortion. License plate lookup should generally be cheap or free. Therefore, research widely to find the best service. 

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