Thursday, 11 February 2016

Web Hosting and Its Main Types

Web hosting is a business practice of making space and bandwidth available on a high –powered computer server, which is connected to the internet at an extremely high speed. Large networks of web server computers are maintained by hosting companies in a data center (that is their physical location). The internet connection to which these internet servers are connected is usually very fast and redundant. Every data center usually has both primary and secondary (backup) power, very fast internet connection, and security staffs in place who do monitoring.

Each web hosting company for a monthly fee provides disk space and bandwidth available to a customer. When a customer signs up, his or her files can then be uploaded to their available personal web space on the web server and then the information will be viewable to anyone interested in it via the internet. The hosting company charges a monthly fee far less than what it will take to maintain your own data center monthly. There are several types of web hosting with different specific features and purposes. In this article, only the three main types will be discussed, however.

Shared Web Hosting: This is the most popular form of hosting. In this type of hosting, disk space and bandwidth are made available by the hosting company over a high-powered server. So many websites are usually hosted on such servers, which are located in a data center. 

Reseller Web Hosting: This is the popular choice for people willing to start their own web hosting business. This is of two forms, reseller of services and private-label. The private label will allow you to have full control over your clients’ websites.

Dedicated Web Hosting: This is the most powerful and cost-effective form of hosting for websites with lots of traffic without buying your own equipment or paying a very high fee on a monthly basis for fast internet connection.

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